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LIFE® Principles

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LIFE® Principles at Brooke Grove Foundation

To live out our mission to “Touch People’s Lives”®, we seek to improve the lives of residents who live in our homes as well as those who visit them. LIFE® is an acronym that stands for Living Well Together, Individual Discovery, Family Matters and Enriching Experiences.

Living Well Together

  • Focus on wellness
  • Respect for each resident's privacy and dignity
  • Beautiful environments with access to the outdoors
  • Warm and welcoming homelike atmosphere

Individual Discovery

  • Identify unique experiences, interests and needs of each resident
  • Maximize opportunities for choice and independence

Family Matters

  • Family involvement
  • Family support and education

Enriching Experiences

  • Individualized and engaging LIFE® enrichment programming
  • Intergenerational opportunity
  • Live-in pets
  • Staff training and ongoing education
  • Partnerships with national and local leaders