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Growth & Development

Brooke Grove Foundation is committed to continually improving its understanding of how to better provide healthcare to seniors. At a time when most talk about healthcare is focused on its high cost, the fundamental dilemma for any provider is how to operate efficiently while also maximizing each individual’s personal health and wellness.

As an organization, we are committed to transitioning from institutional healthcare environments to homelike settings that promote personal freedom and choice. Our homelike features include lots of natural lighting to lift the spirits and access to the outdoors, where our courtyards, walking paths and gardens enliven the senses and encourage movement. Live-in pets and visiting children offer unconditional love and provide enriching experiences.

Our mission statement is “We Touch People’s Lives”®. So, at the heart of each of our projects is a basic question: How can we improve the lives of residents who live in our homes and those who visit them? We discuss the goals of our projects with LIFE® in mind. LIFE® is an acronym that stands for Living Well Together, Individual Discovery, Family Matters and Enriching Experiences.

Our overall goal is to create homes that enhance relational and social life, encourage and facilitate people to more freely express their individuality, foster family gatherings, and provide experiences that make the daily ebb and flow of life meaningful. Sometimes creating a social and physical environment that is healing and nurturing requires extensive, cutting-edge renovations. At other times, it simply means focusing on our values and tweaking the details.

Check our News section for the latest developments at Brooke Grove Foundation.