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Associate Personal Care Home Administrator


Must have either a personal care home administrator license or at least 26 college credits and a willingness to obtain a PCHA license. 


Essential Job Functions: 1. Support all operational functions of the Administrator. 2. Responsible for all aspects of operation of the Administrator when Administrator is absent. 3. Comply with corporate standards of Brooke Grove Foundation. a. Promote BGF mission b. Promote LIFE Illustrated. c. Deliver effective and timely communication of happenings at the facility to the Administrator. 4. Ensure that the facility is operating safely and in compliance with county, state and federal regulatory standards. Specifically : a. Department of Human Services notification of reportable incidents. b. Staffing ratios for secured dementia unit c. Monitor and assess staff productivity and compliance with policies and procedures. d. Complete admission paperwork, contracts, entering in Point of Care, and reporting admission/discharge status to billing office. e. Process complaints and comply with state regulations in investigations and outcomes. f. Complete all necessary paperwork for new hire and ensure all regulatory needs are met to begin working in facility. g. Complete orientation of new hires to ensure that evacuation procedures are reviewed, fire safety is completed, policies and procedures are reviewed and understood, and emergency medical plan is outlined. h. Monitor and assess daily the building and rooms. Ensure that all egresses are cleared, wheelchairs and walkers are cleaned and free of hazards, no poisons are assessable to residents and are locked, monitor indoor temperature, adequate water supply for residents, emergency numbers are posted by every phone, building is clean and well maintained, and that areas are free of clutter. i. Ensure resident’s bedrooms are free of clutter, closets are organized, bathrooms are cleaned and have necessary items in them, linens are clean, lamp is in room with a nightstand and dresser, and that toiletries are available. 5. Monitor food service and cooking and storage of food. 6. Monitor laundry room and asses for assistance. 7. Ensure resident and family satisfaction a. Conduct resident council meeting reporting to Administrator the meeting information. b. Process complaints and comply with state regulations in investigations and outcomes. c. Follow up with residents /family complaints or concerns. 8. Develop and maintain an environment for staff that supports the corporate culture. a. Deliver effective communication. b. Promote staff retention, recruitment, and development. c. Conduct staff appreciation/celebration events. 9. Ensure Rest Assured Living maintains financial viability. a. Assess facility’s needs, report to Administrator. b. Compliance with staffing ratio and budget compliance. c. Monitor overtime. d. Payroll process, review compliance with budget. 10. Chart Audits for state compliance

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